Record suspensions, waiver & fingerprinting needs for Canadians

Legal-Ease Documents Services Include:

  • Record Suspensions (Formerly Canadian Pardons)
  • Waivers of Admissibility to the USA
  • Criminal Record Checks (CPIC or Name Background Check) – Corporate or individual inquiries
  • RCMP Accredited Digital/Manual Fingerprints
  • Partnership Opportunities with the only Western Canadian Server direct to the RCMP in Ottawa

Having your record suspended helps:

Your criminal record can be a major road block restricting your freedom to:

  • Getting a great job
  • Volunteering
  • Adopting Children
  • Becoming a big Brother/Sister
  • Go on your kid’s school field trips
  • Travel to the United States

Legal-EASE Document Service understands the sensitivity surrounding these types of situations. We’ve refined our discreet process to protect your privacy while working to help you obtain your legal documents quickly and affordably.